Planning A Bathroom Renovation? Here’s Our Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do!

If You’re Considering A Bathroom Renovation,

Make Your Life Easier and See Inspire Bathware’s Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Renovating Your Bathroom


Here’s Our Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do!

Here at Inspire Bathware, we love helping clients create the bathroom of their dreams. We’ve seen the most amazing bathroom transformations and we’ve assisted renovators during the (often challenging) process of DIY renovating. If you’re ready to renovate but you want to avoid some obvious pitfalls, we’re here to help. Check out our latest blog on the things you shouldn’t do when attempting a bathroom renovation.


Forget About The Layout

While you may get caught up in the latest bathware trends and seasonal colour schemes, one of the most important aspects of your bathroom renovation is the actual layout of your bathroom.

If your bathroom doesn’t have the right layout, it won’t fulfil your needs into the future. And while moving sinks or showers can bump up your bathroom budget due to the additional plumbing costs, you will save yourself the headache of renovating your bathroom all over again when you outgrow your outdated space.

Often, older bathrooms are configured in a segmented fashion — think the standard ‘70s bathroom with tub and shower wedged together, and the vanity placed right next to the tub.

The current trend for bathrooms is creating a relaxing sanctuary where space (or good layout) is key. Open showers, big bathtubs and double vanities are changing the look and layout of bathrooms.

You no longer need to stick to a traditional aesthetic; your new bathroom can embrace an out-of-the-box layout that has the function and innovation that your 2021 lifestyle demands.


Choose Cheaper Fixtures

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom in order to sell your home, or you’re updating your space because it’s in bad shape, you can’t underestimate the value in choosing long-lasting bathroom products.

Your tapware, vanity and bathroom fixtures are usually the first elements of your bathroom that will show signs of wear and tear. However, choosing quality tapware, vanities, mirrors and towel racks will extend the life of your bathroom renovation.

Cheaper bathware often requires replacement within a much smaller timeframe — sometimes even just a few short years. Cheaper finishes can peel or fade, taps may not work as easily as they should, and bathroom vanities can simply fall apart. Purchasing cheaper products will not necessarily save you money — it can often undermine your bathroom renovation in terms of look and durability.

If you choose to invest in quality bathware, you will be able to enjoy your bathroom renovation for decades to come.

Overlook Your Shower Head

Let’s face it, taking a long, hot shower is one of the few moments you’ll have in your week to take a well-deserved break from the daily grind.

So, if you want to create a relaxing and invigorating experience, make sure you consider your shower head.

The latest shower heads are designed for relaxation and comfort, with larger heads featuring a multitude of nozzles. Inspire Bathware stocks a vast range of shower heads in both brass and stainless steel. Whether you like a massaging effect or a spray that feels like a rain shower, we can help you select the shower head you’ve been dreaming about.



Inspire Bathware Can Assist With Your Sydney Bathroom Renovation 

Achieve the bathroom you’ve been dreaming about with helpful advice from our team at Inspire Bathware. You can phone us on 02 9772 1306 or visit our Chester Hill showroom to explore our full range of bathroom renovation products.



Our Top 5 Bathroom Trends For 2021

Bring Your Bathroom Into Today With Inspire Bathware’s Top 5 Bathroom Trends For 2021.

Whether you’re building a new property or you’re thinking about renovating, our team at

Inspire Bathware are on-hand to help you create your ideal bathroom. Here’s just some of our 

favourite bathroom trends for 2021 — and how you can incorporate them into your next project.

Spa-Like Sanctuary

We all love to get away; but if you’ve found yourself staying at home more than usual,

what better way to get that holiday feeling than to create your own spa-like bathroom?

You can easily create a relaxing, luxurious haven with just a few simple tricks.

Choosing a coastal-style vanity (like our beautiful matte white Noosa vanity), and matching

it to on-trend tapware and a deep freestanding tub, will immediately take your bathroom project to the next level.

Complete the look with bespoke lighting, tropical greenery, plush towels and decadent spa products — and you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to a 5-star resort.

Noosa Vanity Spa Retreat

Natural Finishes

The huge trend in bathware at the moment is using earthy or natural materials.

Whether it’s wood, stone or copper, earthy materials give your bathroom depth, texture and balance.

Some of our latest arrivals include the beautiful Byron Natural Oak Wall Hung Vanity,

which suit a contemporary or mid-century modern style; and Ultra Deluxe Stone Tops, which are available in a range of colours and designs.


Mixing Metals


Taking its cue from fashion, mixing metals in bathroom design is now a hot trend.

And with all the new metal finishes that are now available, it’s never been easier to incorporate this trend into your design. Some of Inspire Bathware’s favourite finishes include nickel,gun metal, and black with rose gold accents.


Freestanding Tubs

Gone are the days when you had to lower yourself into a squat tub. Now, getting into your bath is a luxurious experience.

Freestanding tubs will add the “wow” factor to any bathroom, with options including white or black & white tubs in a range of eye-catching profiles.


Invisible Cisterns

When you’re planning your new bathroom, consider your choice of toilet. A popular new bathroom trend is to                 

choose a wall face or wall hung pan toilet, over the more traditional toilet suite style. Your toilet will be paired with an inwall cistern and your choice of plate, available in finishes such as white & gold trim, matte black & chrome or stainless steel.


If you’re ready to embrace 2021’s bathroom trends, get in touch with our team at Inspire Bathware. Check out our newest arrivals online or call our Chester Hill showroom on 02 9772 1306.