OTTI With obsession to detail, our designers are inspired by the young and vibrant spirit of Australia

Inspired by the latest trends in interior design, we bring you a new and vibrant collection by 


With earths finest elements we have harnessed and refined the elements of - Metal, Wood, Stone and Water.

Our expertise in manufacturing with attention to detail, Otti offers you the latest materials that are refined, sustainable and meeting Australian standards.
At Otti Australia we have spent a great deal of time and effort researching and developing ways to improve our products.

At Otti Australia we have applied some of the latest and best Technologies and materials that give our products a refinement not found with others.

Otti vanities and shaving cabinets are made using Plywood timber that is naturally water resistant, giving peace of mind that every piece of bathware will last the test of time.

Bluetooth Connectivity, Anti-fog, copper free or LED light technology are offered with our mirrors making your bathroom experience that bit more luxurious.

Our RockPlate stone tops use the latest in Sintred stone technology that is resistant to water, staining, scratching and is tough as hell.


With the demands of life, our homes are now our sancturies. Our desire to escape, cleanse, invigorate and relax are now becoming part of our everyday rituals.
With Otti Australia, our designer selections gives you the freedom to design your bathroom with the spa retreat feel in mind.

Naturally Resistant

At Otti Australia extra steps are taken to use the best materials available to us, knowing that bathrooms can be punishing areas for cabinets and joinery.
Our vanities are made using plywood timber that is water resistant* that allows you the bathe and wash knowing that your cabinets and vanities will last the test of time.

Our test results of submerged plywood joinery samples directly in water for weeks at a time show no signs of swelling or warping* as do may versions of MDF materails that are usually used in most joinery.

*Watch video at to see tests and results.